ITVertex is a Technology Leader

We solve complex business problems to make your business better. Our enterprise level expertise provides best IT solutions.

We leverage our technical expertise to give shape to your business ideas


CXOs usually receive a lot of IT Services’ pitches everyday, but none of those pitches really intend to know the complex business problems CXOs want to solve

IT Vertex loves to hear business problems from our prospects, and we focus on providing a solution with value proposition and business benefits. Hence, our prospect to customer conversion ratio is very high

Our Services


We conduct interviews and background verifications for the eligible ones and make sure the competencies projected are true and that the candidate has all the integrity and character that shall make him/her eligible to associate with an organization.


he scope of services to business vary considering the actual results it seeks, to rectify, improve or introduce a specific feature or functionality in its stream of work. We bring the necessary thought into the best solutions deliverable in the IT parlance


A product is a package of best elements and necessary modules bundled into one and ready to be infused into the business’s functional infrastructure to energize it or upgrade it to match the best possible levels of deliverability


We have technical hands that shall work skillfully at installing necessary hardware and software with minimal interruption to the existing one.


We understand the simple question that could plague projects, which is “what’s going on?” or “what’s wrong?”. Having a perfect understanding of the software development life cycle (SDLC) and being capable of managing to take the whole project through the cycle perfectly needs clarity, focus and expertise


Time wears down even the most perfectly installed systems in the absence of regular testing and maintenance. We carry out maintenance operations for IT hardware, network and software.


WIth our proficiency in analysing the infrastructure system existing in a business, and knowledge to suggest the best course ahead, we can fuse new improved technologies seamlessly into existing ones and integrate new technologies to work along with the prevailing ones


A future-oriented view towards employing resources for specific processes and purposes could work with a long term advantage if these resources be planned for to be made workable for the present task and be made scalable for the future


We are abreast of the global technology consultants and IT professionals and are capable of bringing overseas projects professionally dealt with, with the promise of completion sans the downtimes and glitches.

Why Top
Enterprises Choose
to Work With IT
Vertex ?

  • We choose tools and technologies that are compatible with your organization’s existing tech stack
  • We enable seamless business transformation with risk mitigation and compliance adherence strategies
  • Strong foothold in IT consulting since 2012, so we are equipped with best-of-the-breed IT experts
  • We empower organizations with Digital capabilities such as Cloud, IoT, DevOps, Blockchain and RPA to reinvent business models
  • We architect the modernization of your apps and IT operations
  • We embed agility into your business to create new growth channels and reach market faster than your competitors

Our Happy Clients

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