About IT Vertex

We started off to make businesses equipped with better manpower and technology, that could change the course of its processes, and then be taken to a greater level of successful realization.

Creativity is to Think More

We chose to empower businesses rather than just help them survive. With a gamut of dozens of areas of services we are tagged to as being experts in, we have, apart from staffing companies with the most eligible talents, served the purpose of information technology rightfully by bringing it in and fusing it into the real scenarios of businesses, making them perform brightly. When we say we do a lot to make businesses far smarter and capable, it refers to our expert services in the following areas;
  • IT staffing and investigation
  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
  • Application Development
  • Product Development
  • System Installation
  • Website Design and Development
  • System Maintenance and Support
  • System Integration
  • IT Strategy and Architecture
  • Offshore Consulting
  • Business Intelligence Softwares
We have a committed assignment to introducing the best skills in different IT facets, to companies who look forward to meet candidates with IT expertise, innovativeness and good work and personal history, to fill their job positions. We maintain a very comprehensive database of job seekers, for whom, we are equipped with the effective mechanism to interview, screen and verify their eligibility as and when they have a prospective job opportunity arising. A lot of innovative work goes into services like web design and application development. We employ a lot of technical expertise into processes like application development, system installation and integration, and system maintenance. Our skill at understanding people and their businesses at ground level up makes all the difference we make for them possible. Our offshore consulting makes great strides into establishing impressive leads into foreign business sectors where IT plays a major role to keep businesses smoothened with efficiency of operations through smart implementation of information technology.
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